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Dr Arvind Ingle

Scientific Officer H Laboratory Animal Science, Veterinary Pathology, P... View Profile

Dr Jyoti Kode

Scientific Officer G Stem Cells, Tumor Immunology, Transplant Immunolog... View Profile

Dr Pradip Chaudhari

Scientific Officer G Small Animal Facility... View Profile

Dr Ujjwala Warawdekar

Scientific Officer F Biochemistry and Molecular Biology... View Profile

Dr Pradnya Kowtal

Scientific Officer F Cancer Genetics... View Profile

Dr Sharada Sawant

Scientific Officer F Oral Cancer... View Profile

Dr Nandini Verma

Scientific Officer E Breast Cancer Research... View Profile

Dr Syed Hasan

Scientific Officer E Molecular Hemato-Oncology... View Profile

Mr Nikhil Gadewal

Scientific Officer E Bioinformatics... View Profile

Dr Sonam Mehrotra

Scientific Officer D Cell and Developmental Biology... View Profile

Mr Shashadhar Dolas

Scientific Officer D Cell Biology... View Profile

Dr Rahul Thorat

Scientific Officer D Laboratory Animal Facility... View Profile

Dr Rohan Khadilkar

Scientific Officer D Developmental Biology... View Profile

Dr Poonam Gera

Scientific Officer D Pathology... View Profile

Dr Nirmal Kumar

Scientific Officer D Anti-Cancer Drug Screening ... View Profile

Dr Sharath Arandkar

Scientific Officer D Cancer Biology... View Profile

Dr Sejal Patwardhan

Scientific Officer D Carcinogenesis... View Profile

Dr Kiran Bendale

Scientific Officer C Small Animal Facility... View Profile

Dr Amit Dutt

Principal Investigator The Dutt laboratory focuses on understanding the g... View Profile

Dr Neelam Shirsat

Principal Investigator Glioblastoma (GBM) and Medulloblastoma... View Profile

Dr Murali Krishna Chilakapati

Principal Investigator Raman spectroscopic methods in vivo/in situ applic... View Profile

Dr Abhijit De

Principal Investigator Preclinical Molecular Imaging... View Profile

Dr Manoj Mahimkar

Principal Investigator Carcinogenesis... View Profile

Dr Rukmini Govekar

Principal Investigator Cancer Biology, Leukemia... View Profile

Dr Sorab Dalal

Principal Investigator Cell and Tumour Biology... View Profile

Dr Kakoli Bose

Principal Investigator Crystallography... View Profile

Dr Dibyendu Bhattacharyya

Principal Investigator Biochemistry and Molecular Biology... View Profile

Dr Pritha Ray

Principal Investigator Cancer Biology... View Profile

Dr Tanuja Teni

Principal Investigator Molecular Biology... View Profile

Dr Sanjeev Waghmare

Principal Investigator Stem Cell Biology... View Profile

Dr Ashok Varma

Principal Investigator Strctural Biology... View Profile

Dr Shilpee Dutt

Principal Investigator Epigenetics, Glioblastoma, Leukemia... View Profile

Dr Sanjay Gupta

Principal Investigator Epigenetics and Chromatin Biology... View Profile

Dr Satish Munnolli

Librarian Scientometrics... View Profile

Dr Prasanna Venkatraman

Deputy Director Molecular Biology... View Profile